Selecting The Right Design

Having the best website design is not about having the best graphic and colour, but it is about having the most appropriate ‘look and feel’ that matches your business model or the product/service you are offering to your target market. For instance, if you are in the food & beverage industry, it is pointless to copy the design of a fashion website.

When choosing your web design, it is vital that your design conveys the message to the netizens (users) that compliments your business concept and the value you are delivering. Some business owners are so obsessed with functionality and features of their web application that they wanted everything in but have no idea what they really want and in the end, their entire concept becomes catastrophic.

Therefore, it is not an easy task to select the appropriate web design for a business. The biggest mistake any business owner can do, is to resort to the cheapest way to get a website done. Often this will result in the search engine not ranking it high in relevance. In the end, might as well not spend the money on the website in the first place. However, by focusing on user experience, quality websites can distinguish themselves from the overwhelming amount of subpar content found on the internet. As a result, these quality websites enjoy the majority of attention the internet has to offer and avoid risking potential penalisation.

By putting the ‘personalisation’ in web designing, and conducting extensive user testing and joint development effort with the clients to ensure their web application matches their business vision, it will result in a web design services that surpass many others.

Why Need A Website?

Internet is now the most popular source of information. Globally there are now over 3.739 billion Internet users as at 31st March 2017 and growing exponentially by the day. Soon there will be more people shopping online than buying from brick and mortar shops. If you don’t have a website for your business, it is liken to setting up your shop in the middle of a thick, tropical jungle that are thousands of miles from civilisation.

In an Internet of Things (IoT) modern world, having a website is the equivalent of having a phone number. If you don’t have one, how will customers know where you are? Gone are they good old days of ‘Word of Mouth’ way of spreading your business. Today the world finds ‘Word of Social Media’ so much more fulfilling than ‘Joe tells John’ approach of spreading the words around. The latter will not work as it takes too long. In a fast paced world like today, if your brand is not heard across the next state within a day, you will be running out of business in a month. Therefore having a well designed website is crucial for your business.

Cheapskate Websites

Sadly in reality (at least for now) many business owners are still quite reluctant to spend on having a well designed website with quality interface and systems installed. This is because they still place too much focus on the tangible or physical part of their businesses. Their stocks, their factories, etc without understanding the importance of the impact presented by the online world, and their websites are the quickest gateway to that intangible world of opportunities. As a result, many companies either had an ‘over designed’ websites, where they went too far, thereby making their website too cluttered or they have poor quality websites that result in a negative perception of their brand.

Creative Website Designs

Therefore creative web designs are very important part of a business’ online strategy. Every now and then, we have business owners regretting their initial strategy to cut on their online strategy budget spending. Cost is the last thing you want to take in as the key focus when it comes to contriving your business’ online strategy. Because ultimately you will realise that you will loose way more by investing in a low quality website that deteriorate your brand image. If you must get a website, please forget about it if your aim is to get the cheapest website done, because it will result in your website ranking to decline in the search engine rankings.


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