Futurists globally have predicted the growth of Artificial Intelligence applications and how it will change our daily lives in a big way. Soon we will be talking to our devices instead of pressing buttons, and our smartphones will communicate semantically with our cars and we will have our homes greeting us just the way how ‘Jarvis’ greet Tony Stark in the Ironman movies.

Least positive individuals like Stephen Hawking, Steve Wozniak, Elon Musk, etc had a bleaker premonition of how A.I. will eventually proved to be an ‘Existential Threat’ to humanity. Perhaps Elon Musk is right, unless of course we humans merge with A.I. cybernetically and be part of the system. There will be no place for conventional ‘Off-the-Grid’ type of people.

That sounded pretty much like a fantasy to many of us, but fact is even more fantastic than fiction, because researchers worldwide have discovered that 68% of us are already getting used to voice assistant services. In fact usage of voice based assistance is growing at a rate of 49% since its inception. From that, a staggering 70% of users wished the “Virtual Assistants” service they used are more humanlike.

People expect technology would do much better than just hearing or noting what they said. They want technology to interact, respond and understand them like another human being. These expectations will eventually become a need and it is the very foundation for the existence of Artificial Intelligent Applications. As such, the use of Natural language technology will be increasingly prominent in coming future. It is forecasted that Natural Language technology will bring in business of over USD13.4 Billion by the year 2020. In fact the market for ‘Smart Virtual Assistants’ will reach USD5.1 Billion by the year 2022.

By then everyone will have some form of Artificial Application to make their daily lives more efficient and productive. Everyone will have their own ‘Private Virtual Assistant’ in their pocket who will answer calls, handle enquiries or rearrange appointments on their behalf.

As you might have expected how things will turn out eventually for us humans with Artificial Intelligence applications intermingling with our daily affairs and chores. Yes. Mass amount of conventional jobs will be replaced with automation.

Many jobs that requires manual work will be obsolete. This includes Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Programmers, Welders, Factory workers, construction workers, cooks/kitchen helpers, bus, trucks, taxi drivers, farmers, engineers in near future perhaps even commercial pilots, airforce pilots, etc.

That does sound pretty much like dystopia doesn’t it? Wrong! A.I. as fearsome as they can be, despite them being capable to surpass our abilities to calculate, analyse, strategise, predict, etc by a trillion fold in a very short span of period, still A.I. cannot feel, their ’emotion’ (if they have any) are merely a simulation of the real thing. Hence they do not and cannot be ‘inspired’ like we humans do. This means, A.I.’s sense of creativity can never surpass human beings. If they do, they are no longer considered A.I. but R.I. (Real Intelligence).

Hence jobs that deals with some form of creativity will persist even if the whole world are enveloped with sophisticated Artificial Intelligence applications. The future profession will mainly revolves around Passion, Interest & Creativity. The video below by Mr.Raj Ramesh will elaborate further:-

Future with A.I.

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