coding computer data depth of field

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In early 2010s

Evolph Technologies is a software company that initially dealt only in web and mobile application design and development. We were involved in fundamental software application such as Tenant Management System (TMS), which is an extension of conventional Point of Sale (PoS) softwares for retail chains and shopping malls, which we eventually phased out due to lack of market adoption.

Today in order to scale, Evolph Technologies is focusing more on business development / marketing  and project management portion of the Tech industry. We prefer a synergistic co-operation with our collaborative partners to smoothen the delivery of solutions to the clients. We were exposed to so many different types of solution providers, we know exactly which is best to suite to our client, hence our ability to design the most appropriate solution to address our clients’ needs. 

We are fulfilling the gap between client and solution providers because we have clients’ industry based experience (ie., Oil & Gas, Industrial Gases, Electronics, Chemical, Oleochemical, Retail, etc) and access to know-how on technological solutions. Our intimate understanding of our client’s industries enable us to design and develop specific technological solutions to address their operational issues, whether to improve or rectify it. These technological solutions can involve enterprise software or Internet of Things structures. Whatever the needs, we will help the client understand the solution options available for them.

Now our scope has expanded to cover more cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Social Media Analytics, Cloud Hosting and many more as we have engage more sophisticated collaborative partners.  This has further enhanced our capability to provide technological and branding strategy consultancy to our clients.